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Vitamin B complex in one film coated tablet

Each film coated tablet contains:
25 mg of nicotinamide (vitamin PP),
4 mg of thiamine nitrate (vitamin B1),
5 mg of riboflavine (vitamin B2),
5 mg of calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5),
2 mg of pyridoxine chloride
(vitamin B6) and 2 µg of cyanocobalamine

Polibevit is a vitamin preparation containing vitamin B complex. Each of them plays its particular biological role and all of them together are needed for normal functioning of human body. Indications: Prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis (deficiency) and avitaminosis (lack) of vitamin B group; Conditions in which the requirements for B group vitamins are increased (growth and development in children, pregnancy, lactation);
Malabsorption (disorder of normal nutritive absorption) due to alimentary tract diseases, stomach removal, liver disease, hereditary metabolism disorders, inadequate diet; Supplemental therapy (neuralgia, polyneuritis, skin diseases)

Dosage and administration:
For prevention of lowering B group vitamins level, 1 film ctd tablet should be taken a day and for treatment of its deficiency 1 to 2 film ctd tablets should be taken 2 to 3 times a day.

Special warnings:
While taking the coated tablets, urine may change to orange colour due to presence of riboflavine. Polibevit is used in pregnancy and in lactation period.

Box containing 30 film coated tablets


Before use, read carefully the attached instructions for use.

One film coated tablet a day as fountain of vitality and energy


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