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Film coated tablets for rapid and efficient removal and prevention of gastric disorders

Each film ctd tablet contains 75 mg of ranitidine

Active component in its composition inhibits strongly both day and night secretion of gastric acid by blocking the histaminic H2 receptors located in mucous membrane of stomach.


  • heartburn
  • acid belching
  • overfed and heavy stomach sensation
  • nausea
  • discomfort or pain in upper stomach
  • other digestive disorders caused by intensified excretion of stomach
  • acid

Dosage and administration:
Adults and children older than 16 years:
at onset of disorder it is recommended to take 1 film ctd tablet and in case of more serious disorders and those lasting more than 1 hour 2 film ctd tablets may be taken. For prevention of symptoms caused by intensified excretion of stomach acid it is recommended to administer 1 film ctd tablet 30 minutes to 1 hour before consuming the food and drink supposed to be able to provoke the disorder.

Special warnings:
It is not recommended to administer the drug in children below the age of 16. Caution is needed in persons taking concomitantly one or more drugs for other diseases.

Bottle containing 30 film ctd tablets


Before use, read carefully the attached instructions for use.

Checked to distinguish fire


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