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Jukićeva 53
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina

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Leading pharmaceutical company in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnalijek, the greatest manufacturer of drugs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was founded in 1951. The company has a diversified manufacturing program encompassing 140 drugs based on 83 different generic names.

Bosnalijek manufactures a wide range of drugs for peroral, parenteral and topical use with an effect on digestive system and metabolism, cardiovascular system, systemic infections, skin, sceletomuscular, nervous and respiratory system, as well as systemic hormone drugs with the exception of sex hormones.

Our strategic orientation is directed towards improving the quality of our business and manufacturing processes. Therefore, a continuous improvement, careful analysis and careful planning are basic principles of our operations. Bosnalijek is continuously oriented toward its clients whose needs we monitor and analyze with special care. The result of this commitment is a wide range of products adapted to clients' needs.

Our business strategy is primarily based on our own human resources and developing of a wide and competitive manufacturing range of drugs with a high market potential. Thanks to this, Bosnalijek has become the leader on domestic market, while almost half of its total income from sales is realized on export markets.

Bosnalijek's orientation towards international business has resulted in high export growth which experienced a fourfold increase over the last five years and which has an average annual growth rate of over 30%.

The foundations of Bosnalijek's development are facility modernization, staff training and harmonization of business with world pharmaceutical standards where arround 118 million KM has been invested over the last 15 years.
A modern Development Center, covering an area of 1842 m2, is equipped with modern laboratories run by top pharmaceutical experts with internationally acquired scientific titles. We have been continuously adopting new technologies and by having introduced the SAP IT system, we have completely automatized our business operations.

At the end of 2012, 673 people were employed in Bosnalijek out of whom 46 % were university graduates, specialists, M.Sc.'s or Ph.D.'s.

Bosnalijek has been consistently complying with the highest world standards for pharmaceutical industry, American and European pharmacopoeia requirements, as well as with GMP and GLP principles .

The key foundation of Bosnalijek's success and its business policy is an integrated management system which, along with GMP and GLP, implies quality management 9001:2000, environmental protection 14001, as well as employees' health and safety protection at work OHSAS 18001:1999 for which Bosnalijek was certified in accordance with international standards. Through its responsible behavior, Bosnalijek enhances the quality of a whole value chain in manufacturing.

Bosnalijek daily expresses its interest and care for development of the BIH society by supporting various programs and manifestations in the fields of culture, sport, science and education.

We particularly support education and have been successfully cooperating with pharmaceutical, medical and faculties of natural sciences by sponsoring the works of young and gifted students, as well as medical and pharmaceutical scientific achievements.
We offer our strong support and aid to professional and scientific meetings, as well as to the participation of BIH experts at international meetings.

Bosnalijek was awarded first prize ''Socially responsible company in BIH in 2008'' by organization Mozaik for the way the Company integrates care for the society and environment in its activities.

Nowadays, as the leader on the BIH market, Bosnalijek places its products, many of which are already recognizable brands, to markets in Europe and Asia. In year 2013, Bosnalijek products have been present in markets of 12 countries from around the world.

Such a success is the result of a well-thought strategy and a totality of efforts by Bosnalijek employees directed at developing the company into a world known and acknowledged manufacturer.

Thanks to its business orientation with excellence as its imperative, Bosnalijek has over the last couple of years been cooperating with world-known pharmaceutical companies, such as Eli Lilly, Hoffman-La Roche etc.


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